The French Network of Seed Biology (RFBG) was created in 2007, following a discussion on the strategic importance of research in this sector in terms of basic research and its applications and in connection with structural aspects to national, European and international plans. This led to the holding of the first national symposium on the seeds, 'Graines2007', held in Angers, to promote the structuring of french research on seeds as a food carrier and spreader of major plants and development of new technological applications and biotechnology. The strong participation of researchers from public and private sectors working in these areas has demonstrated the vitality of this community. The objectives of the French Network of Seed Biology are the following:
  • gather the French scientific community working on seed biology, particularly regarding their development (maturity, longevity, germination), the establishment and the industrial use of their main concerns, their use in various technological and biotechnological applications, as well as aspects related to biodiversity, ecology and ecophysiology;
  • promote new and multidisciplinary approaches to address important societal issues related to food security, the value of technology use and nutritional seeds, conservation of species biodiversity, and adaptation of natural and cultivated ecosystems to climate change .

Network Activities:

The activities of the network, led by a scientific committee, intend to promote the work of the French teams to plan:
  • Nationally, by organizing annual conferences, in addition to their scientific purpose, these seminars allow greater contact between research teams from public and private sectors;
  • Europe-wide, by creating links with existing counterpart organizations in other countries of the European Union.

Steering Committee

Pierre-Olivier CHEPTOU CEFE-CNRS, Montpellier
Aurélien BRIFFAZ QUALISUD, CIRAD Montpellier
Jean-Marie PROSPERI AGAP, INRA Montpellier
Valérie PONCET DIADE, IRD Montpellier
Stéphane MARI BPMP, INRA Montpellier
Frédéric VIOLLEAU LCA, INP Toulouse

Founding Member

Michel Caboche (Directeur de Recherche INRA), Versailles
Annie Marion-Poll (Directrice de Recherche INRA), Versailles